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This year 2015 unfortunately was marked at the Sofia airport as there was many scam taxi drivers. The Airport try now to fight the scam taxi service as for the purpose, the authorities will be painting the floor of the arrivals passage in three distinguishable colors, each leading to a different type of authorized transportation – from buses, through subway to taxis. This was said in the summer by the transport minister - Ivaylo Moskovski. Hopefully now the taxi service is going to get better and will be operated only by legal taxi or transfer companies. If you are using taxi service to various places in Sofia we advise to use the service from one of the airport licensed companies such as OK Supertrans. Its good to know that you should not use services offered outside the airport because there are cabs pretending to be the same company. 

If you are going to travel outside Sofia you can use transfer service and book car/van for transfer to Bansko, Pamporovo or Borovets for example. The price is not high compared to taxi service – for example the taxi price in sofia is 0.79BGN per kilometer – based on the official website information of licensed taxi service from Sofia airport - https://www.oktaxi.net/ (not including start charge and wait times and other charges) .

The transfer service to Bansko is fixed - 64EUR(1EUR = 1.9558BGN)  which is 0.78BGN per kilometer (the distance between Sofia airport and Bansko is 160km) based on the price list of STI Holidays Ltd here - http://www.hdairporttransfers.com/prices 

The transfer service to Pamporovo is even cheaper – it is 0.35BGN per km based on fixed price 80EUR. 

The same with the transfer prices to Borovets – 0.65BGN per km – 43EUR total. 

In final we can say that this is the easiest way to compare taxi/transfer service between Sofia Airport and the various Bulgarian resorts. Keep in mind also that the transfer service is sometimes more reliable and offer few more extras such as - free Wi-Fi , kids seats and no additional charges for ski/snowboard gear. To check prices or book now you can visit this webpage - http://www.hdairporttransfers.com/book-now . Read more about :  Sofia Airport transfers 

Note : all the stated prices for taxi and transfer services are per vehicle not per person and are final. For more information visit the companies websites.

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